How much does it cost to get an album mastered?

The price for mastering is calculated on a project by project basis, taking into consideration a number of factors including: number of tracks, any alternative tracks, delivery medium, release formats.

Please get in touch to discuss your project.

What file formats do you accept?

Please supply your digital files as either WAVs or AIFFs. If a compressed digital format such as MP3s or AACs is the only option then this can also be possible.

Files should be delivered in the same sample rate that they were recorded in, please do not sample rate convert prior to mastering.

Please deliver in a bit depth of either 24 bit or 32 bit. If delivering in 24 bit, it is advised to apply 24 bit dithering to your bounced files. This is not required for 32 bit deliveries.

Please ensure that tracks are not top and tailed too tightly paying particular attention to allow for reverb tails and ambience to fade.

A number of other digital and of course analogue formats are also accepted. Please get in touch prior to sending.

How do I transfer my tracks to you to master?

We can download from pretty much any download link provided.

Please ensure files are labelled correctly and are free from viruses.

Should I use a digital limiter on my master buss before mastering?

Please supply unlimited mixes. If limited files have been used for mix approval prior to mastering please also provide these files.

Other master buss processing such as compression and equalisation that is integral to the mix sound is welcome.

Mixes should avoid reaching 0dBFS, around -3dBFS is recommended to ensure that there is no clipping that may produce intersample peak distortion.

How do I access my mastered tracks?

Masters will be sent via a download link as standard. File format will depend on what has been requested by the client prior to mastering.

DVD/CD/Harddrive delivery is also possible upon request, this may incur an additional charge.

What is Mastered for iTunes?

Mastered for iTunes is a digital release on iTunes where masters have been optimised by certified mastering engineers to meet Apple’s strict requirements to ensure maximum translation to Apple’s AAC format.

Nick Cooke Mastering is fully certified to produce masters for this format.

For more information please see Apple’s page:

Mastered for iTunes

What are ISRCs and where do I get them from?

An ISRC or International Standard Recording Code is an internationally recognised “watermark” for recordings allowing the rights holder to be easily linked to the recording.

Each track has its own unique code. ISRCs can be embedded into CD masters and Broadcast WAVs.

For more information including where and how to obtain ISRCs please see the link below:


ISRCs must be provided by the client. Nick Cooke Mastering cannot create or supply them.

Can I attend my mastering session?


You are welcome to attend your mastering session at no extra charge, however attended mastering sessions can take longer so please arrange with Nick Cooke Mastering as this may affect your mastering session date.